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In 1949, Hermann Schweikert established an agricultural repair shop in Lehrensteinsfeld. Schweikert repaired tractors, motorbikes, cars etc.

However, as early as in the mid-1950s, his sons Manfred and Willi Schweikert turned the rural repair shop into a business that manufactured lathe works, jigs and tools. Today, in its third generation, the company ha developed into a global innovative sheet metal forming actor. The company has a staff of 140 and is run by Rainer Schweikert.

Objectives for the future:

The prime objective is to find solutions that are geared to what our customers want. We like to support our customers and work with them in partnership. Our company is the systems supplier for the entire field of sheet metal forming. Our objective is the technical coverage of the entire manufacturing process. Interdisciplinary, integrative actions for the purpose of Simultaneous Engineering (SE) is our recipe for success. In today’s development process, speed and innovative power are very important. A fast, inexpensive and best rendering of services is our highest priority. This ranges from the concept and large-scale production development and the development and production of the pressing tools and assembly jigs needed for large-scale production to production planning and the large-scale production of pressed parts and welding assemblies including the surface finish.

Our activities are not limited to the German market. We also cultivate business contacts in the US, Brazil, Mexico and China.

Do you have questions or are you interested in our services?

You can send us a message or call us at 07134 - 98780.

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