Innovative light construction slewing device

The new ILSe – ST 1500/35 is an example

for state-of-the-art, high quality mechanical

engineering “Made in Germany”

  • Segment drive with superior dynamics and power; contact-free and therefore abrasion-free
  • Robust, cast machine design damping vibrations
  • Extremely flat machine design: less than 180 mm
  • Contact-free, abrasion-free, hydrostatic bearing in axial and radial direction
  • Contact-free and abrasion-free high-precision measurement system
  • Regenerative breaking
  • Mobile control panel

The machine offers maximum performance, efficiency, long-time precision and quality, reliability and safety


Outstanding precision, maximum dynamics, as well as being fully contact and abrasion free - this was all incorporated into the ILSe – ST 1500/ 35
already in the development stage at the CAD screen.
At 240° free tool opening angle, the performance reaches up to 170 lifts/min depending on the slewing angle and the weight. This leads to maximum efficiency.
As the machine works fully contact-free, it can be guaranteed to be abrasion-free. From bearings to motors to the measuring system, you do not have to expect failures caused by wear

Slewing device

  • Base frame as torsion-resistant cast construction
  • Works fully self-sufficiently
  • Robust and maintenance-free
  • Low number of individual components
  • Construction height less than 180 mm
  • Insertion into the press possible similarly to platen/tool
  • Easy installation due to easily accessible plug connections

Siemens drive and safety control

  • Drive control from Siemens – SINAMICS technology
  • Control communicates via PROFINET with the superordinated press control
  • Mobile hand-held device with display for all required functionalities; optional wireless

Siemens segment drive

  • Highly dynamic
  • Contact-free
  • Maintenance- and abrasion-free
  • Segment cooling through closed recooling plant

External measuring system

  • Maximum precision
  • Contact-free
  • Maintenance- and abrasion-free
  • Two sensor heads ensure reliability


  • Hydrostatic thrust and journal bearing
  • Contact-free
  • Maintenance- and abrasion-free

Special motor control with master/slave switchover (optional)

If the motor fails, the production can continue with less performance:
no loss of production caused by the motor

Plant technology – AT 4.000

  • Load capacity of 4000 kg and more
  • Slewing of 360° possible

Cutting technology – ST 1.500/35

Slewing area

  • Up to 170 lifts/min depending on slewing angle and weight, at 240° free tool opening angle
  • Slewing area at slewing cut ± 0 to 35°
  • 65 lifts/min at 1500 mm coil width, ±35° slewing angle and an opening angle of 240°

Cutting tools

  • Upper blade controlled precisely via lugs and spindles
  • Lower blade with four knives
  • Upper blade with upper cut
  • Knives made of high quality special steel
  • Cut width setting either manually via bars or optionally  via motors
  • Solid, segmented or spring-mounted hold-down
  • Hydraulic tool damper: the damper is activated when the press is opened and is integrated into the upper blade carrier
  • Support of the upper blade carrier to maintain the cut width (optional)
  • Belt guiding at the feed side of the shears adjustable either manually or optionally via motors
  • Guiding table at the infeed of the shears to keep the belt horizontal

Accelerator board

  • Telescopic conveyor with 4 parts
  • Runs synchronous to the roll feed via master/slave control
  • Adjustable to the slewing angle either manually or via motors
  • Adjustment of individual belts horizontal to the belt direction, manually or via motors
  • Optionally with segmented lifting bars with pneumatic and cascade control
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