The success of a company is the sum of the joint efforts of its staff. Trust, openness and honesty, expertise and team spirit, a commitment to quality, innovation and flexibility and social responsibility are all integral parts of our philosophy.

The objectives

We want to make a profit in order to finance the growth of our company and the realisation of our corporate objectives.

Our products and services are to meet our customers’ standards of quality and utility. Our actions are driven by our wish that our customers get and have complete confidence in us.

Field of activity
We want to be active in fields in which our technological and professional qualifications that are in our customers’ interest and provide a continuous growth potential can fully come into their own.

The success of our company is generated by all our staff and they should thus participate in it. We want safe and attractive workplaces. The work environment should foster respect for the disparate personalities, an acknowledgement of individual performances, work satisfaction, self esteem and existential gratification.

Management Style
We promote initiative and creativity among our staff by granting them their personal leeway when making decisions and opportunities to participate in shaping and attaining our corporate objectives.

Social responsibility
We want to fulfil our social and environmental obligations in the community we operate in by making economic, spiritual and social contributions.

Rainer Schweikert
Managing Director

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