Prototype tools & parts

To cover the demand for parts customers initially have and for an insight in manufacturing processes, we do of course make available prototype tools and parts should the need arise.

We thus can supply the customer close-to-production parts to build into the vehicles within a few weeks.

Method planning & Design

After we have received an order, we first develop an outline method plan for the production of the individual parts and assemblies. In the main, this outline method plan is drawn up by using the CAD system Catia V5. Our design staff then produce a drawing system based upon this plan.

To ensure a constant and smooth drawing process, Schweikert checks the feasibility of all drawing systems on the simulation system AUTOFORM.

In case of a non-process-capable drawing system,  it is changed until the drawing is process-capable. With this link in the SE process, we can reduce the number and risks among drawn parts and in manufacturing to a minimum.

The design and details of the tools are developed on the basis of the outline method plan’s parameters, the drawing system and the drawing simulation, again by a consistent use of toolmaking CA technologies.

The computer-aided design is done with the design software CATIA V5. One objective is to reduce the expenditure of time and money on the design and manufacturing process.

The philosophy of quality in our company

At Schweikert, every order is subject to a quality management system’s strict requirements. This system operates by the principle not to assess quality as a result of isolated quality inspections but as an integrated result of all processes and activities – from planning to after-sales support.

Our objective is preventive quality assurance, not expensive reworking.
Our product quality planning department develops quality strategies for the respective product as early as during the development stage and in close collaboration with the customer and in accordance with the specifications.

This huge quality awareness has been officially certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9002, VDA 6.1, VDA 6.4 plus QS 9000 and TS 16949 as of October 2008.

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